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Habitat House : Neighbors

Habitat House has been busy prepping for their second art opening, a group show entitled Neighbors. Comprised exclusively of artists living and/or working in Golden Hill, Neighbors will showcase the work of 22 painters and photographers. The show features a steady mix of professional artists and part-time crafters. Swing by 21st & Broadway this Wednesday between 6-10pm for the opening reception.


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Open Call : Golden Hill Artists

Habitat House is gearing up for their first art opening of twenty-eleven, and they're putting out an open call for submissions. The catch is you must live in Golden Hill to particpate in the group show aptly titled Neighbors. Send a few images of your recent work to and someone from the house will get in touch with you over the next few weeks. The opening is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, February 23rd.

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Flood Tide: Remixed + Dark, Dark, Dark

It was the summer the gas stations closed. The summer they played music in the old mill. The summer they built a boat. The summer they left.

Flood Tide is a road movie on a river. It tells the story of four musicians who create extraordinary boats out of ordinary junk and set out for open water, fueled by dreams, desperation and a sense of adventure.

The film’s quiet narrative unfolds through fragments of memories, songs, letters and diary entries. Characters played by non-actors from the bands Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor chase jobs, dig through the past, and eventually, float out of town in an attempt to escape a life that doesn’t make sense. (Text from

Flood Tide: Remixed comes to MCASD La Jolla this Thursday and Friday, featuring a live score from the band Dark, Dark, Dark, who are also characters in the film. Grab your tickets now for what promises to be an amazing pair of evenings. Enjoy a free Stone Brew when you flash your Sezio Card at the box office.

Dark, Dark, Dark - "Daydreaming"

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Yeller + MCASD = Zine Workshop!

After a number of successful group shows and zine swaps, Yeller Studio's next endeavor is a collaboration with MCASD's Teen Art Council. The fine folks of Yeller will pass on the crafty trade of zine making to a group of teenage creatives. Send your younger brother or tell your high school class to head down to MCASD downtown this Saturday between 11am-1pm. RSVP and details here.

For you over 18 zine-makers, stay tuned to Yeller's blog for updates on their next zine swap, coming to San Diego early next year.

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Kelli Murray : Dreamer

The recently revived Habitat House is not only getting back into San Diego's music scene, but the art world as well. Putting the giant living room to use, the Habitat's 24 x 12 foot wall will host a monthly installation kicking off December 15th with artist / illustrator Kelli Murray. The show features a variety of dream-inspired work, with influences ranging from hair braids and slouchy sweaters to Wisconsin cabins and funny animal companions. Swing by the Golden Hill craftsman any time between 6-10pm next Wednesday. Original artwork makes for a great Christmas present.

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