June 06, 2008
by Leah Novakovich

Red Feathers Farewell Show: So Long and Good Times

The Tower Bar | 6/6/2008

 While the evening began for me a few hours earlier enjoying a few cocktails with a friend in PB, Friday night led me to University Heights’ Tower bar to celebrate the music of an awesome, and after this show, defunct local band, The Red Feathers.  This was not only their last show, but also the last time for me to share a final salud with singer/guitarist Marco before he departed for New York…I felt destiny breeze me into the farewell show with both anticipation and a smile.

Upon arrival to the venue, I was happy to see the place packed with friends and fans alike enjoying the music of DJ Becky Darlene as he prepped the crowd for the upcoming acts.  I grabbed a drink at the bar and took a turn around the room, still surrounded by happy faces and a buzz in the air.  I found a vacant corner by the pinball machine just in time to see The Growlers commence their psychedelic musical tirade. They had just enough surf-rock style to make their eager listeners groove and sway as if entranced throughout the set.

The bands changed out their gear and I stepped out for a smoke.  On came The Vision of a Dying World, who, as usual, displayed an outstanding presence and diversity of sound. I have seen this band several times and have never been disappointed.  Their passionate and inspiring set primed the crowd for the main event, a final performance by their good friends, The Red Feathers.

 Now I must admit at this point in the night, a sense of nostalgia thickened the sweaty air, and I was moved to break through to the frontline and video the Red Feathers’ opening words of gratitude and respect to their fellow musicians, as well as capturing the first song of their set. Being longtime friends with keyboardist/guitar player and vocalist Anthony Levas, my heart welled with love for the music these boys made together. They played passionately through their Americana/Rock-n-Roll set, breaking between songs to appreciate the culmination of their creation and the people who shared in their closing moments together.

It was a good night with plenty of great music, heavy laughter, skateboarding, and positive vibes throughout the evening to send Marco off to pursue photography in NY with a full and happy heart, knowing that upon his return, we would all be here ready for him.

Although this may have been the last show for The Red Feathers, you can still catch the wave of musical collaboration by Charles Musket, featuring both Anthony and Spencer of the Feathers along with friends from The Vision of a Dying World and Scarlet Symphony. Get out to a show, and keep up the tradition of supporting your local music scene. We will miss you Red Feathers, Salud!

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