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Arrrgghhh! by Andy Ralph

"I have an impatience for most nonfiction, and this is why I create these unlikely objects."

Andy Ralph is one of the most fascinating characters I've come across in San Diego. The frontman for Writer is also a talented conceptual artist, and it's tough to tell which career will blossom first. A cabinet builder by day, Andy's projects tend to draw from his handiness; lead tools, rubber nails and the piece below, entitled 'Ben, Walt and Frank.'

Luis de Jesus's gallery, Seminal Projects, has backed Andy from the get-go, and the partnership seems to be paying off.  His latest work, 'Arrrgghhh', initially showed and sold at Cocked. Luis then asked Andy to complete a dupilcate of the piece for Aqua Art in Miami, where he recieved a few more commissions... congrats Mr. Ralph.

Check out more of Andy Ralph's work here.

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