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Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr : Iceland to San Diego

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott have been on quite a ride since their collaborative side project Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr took off in 2011. Last fall their intense touring schedule brought them to Iceland for the Icelandic Airwaves festival, and during a day trip they shot the ridiculously beautiful video above with help from IFC.

DEJJ are back in the states now, and they're making a Western loop with a stop at Soda Bar on Wednesday, February 1st. Local upstart Tourism will open the show, and you can grab your tickets here. If you haven't seen these two live yet, you need to!

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The Howls : Rocky Ground

The Howls are prepping to release their debut full length this month at The Casbah, and they've been kind enough to preview a couple tracks with us.  Check out Weight and Vacation below, and be sure to snag your tickets early to their January 27th release show.  Rumor has it that Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek will be joining them for a few songs.

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Brothers Ralph of Writer Head to NYC

The brothers Ralph of Writer are packing up their things for an extended stint on the east coast in New York. San Diego is losing a terrific pair of artists and musicians, and we're pretty sad but also excited for what the future holds for these two. Your last chance to catch Writer live (for a while at least) will be this Friday, January 6th at the Tower Bar with Chairs Missing and Illuminauts.

New Yorkers can welcome Andy and Jayme at Glasslands on January 25th or at the Mercury Lounge on February 9th.

Here's a look back at one of our favorite performances:

Photo by Andrew Burns. Video by Charles Bergquist.

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Turista Libre : Beach Fossils Play Tijuana

Tijuana tour guides Turista Libre are hosting a holiday party worth crossing the border for this Saturday, the 17th. Headlining the night of music at TJ's Moustache Bar will be NYC standouts Beach Fossils, joined by San Diego's Tropical Popsicle and Tijuana's Ibi Ego. If you're worried about crossing the border at night, Turista Libre has a 9pm pickup organized. Check the details here, and be adventurous! This should be a good one...

Beach Fossils - "Sometimes"

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Joel P West : Shoulder Seasons

Joel P West quietly released a new EP before Thanksgiving, featuring five new tracks recorded at his home in Golden Hill and in the living room at Habitat House. If you caught one of Joel's few solo sets this year, then a few of these will sound familiar. Have a listen below, and be on the lookout for details about a special release show in February.

Shoulder Seasons is available for download on Joel's Bandcamp page for $5.

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