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Björk releases "Nattura" single

Most Icelanders have a little beef with Björk for making their country look like a bunch of costumed daydreamers; she's one of their few exports and cod doesn't make popular media much.  But in the midst of all sorts of troubles in her native country, even the most stubborn of cod fishermen have to admit that she is doing quite a bit to keep the culture and geography of their nation uncompromised no matter how "out there" her approach is.

Björk has spent the past few months working with Nattura, a group who seeks to counter globalization movements threatening not only the stunning volcanic landscape of the island but also the unique culture that developed over centuries of isolation.  With the help of a few notable musicians (Thom Yorke and Matthew Herbert to name two), the Icelandic daydreamer recorded an interesting single to raise money for the cause and, from the sounds of it, start warming up for another full-length record.  You can buy the song here or on iTunes and read Pitchfork's two part interview here and here.

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politics, music, topography and local game... very insightful Joel.
Zack Nielsen made this post on 10/23/2008 at 3:33 pm

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