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Luce Loft : December Events

If you've been following Sezio for a while, you'll remember way back in 2008 and 2009 when we often inhabited a vintage downtown space called Luce Loft. Art shows, concert series, ASR pinata parties, you name it -- needless to say, we had a good time. Well, we're excited to announce that we've rented the space for the whole month of December and have a couple great events lined up!

On Thursday, December 15th Sezio will launch its 2012 Membership Program with a big art show & fundraiser down at Luce. This will be your first chance to get your hands on our twenty twelve membership kit, which was curated and designed by Wes Bruce. There will also be a big group show featuring a ton of our favorite artists. MIHO Gastrotruck will be parked out front on J St. and Starlite will be serving up Mules and Colonels at a pop-up bar. More details on this event very soon.

To close out the month and year, Sezio will host a black tie, projection-filled, New Year's Eve dance party on the 31st at Luce. This will be the best NYE party you've ever attended. The night will feature a projection installation from Charles Bergquist, which will be synced up with the evening's countdown, along with a vintage photobooth manned by Tommy McAdams and a DJ set by Jamuel Saxson. Pre-sale tickets for this extravaganza can be reserved now

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Four Day Weekend : Full Photo Recap

Four Day Weekend brought some of our favorite photographers out to capture four incredible nights of music. We've got the whole week's worth of photos on our facebook page, but you can check out some highlights below.

Chairs Missing Photo by Anthony Levas

Peter Wolf Crier Photo by Dylan Davis

Rafter Roberts Photo by Tommy McAdams

Dirty Gold Photo by Tommy McAdams

Writer Photo by Dylan Davis

Lord Huron Photo by Carly Ealey

Big Troubles Photo by Tommy McAdams

Real Estate Photo by Tommy McAdams

Complete photo albums from all four nights can be found here.

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What Happens in the Dark

*Update If you missed the opening reception, Charles' work will be displayed at Bottlecraft for all of December. Swing by for a beverage and a look see.

What Happens in the Dark will feature new works from director, designer, and photographer Charles Bergquist. While the artists at Yeller Studio are no strangers to putting on collaborative art shows, this will be their first purely curatorial effort. “This is the first show we’re putting on where we aren’t the ones making the work,” says Clarke Forrest, who is the longest standing member since they banded together around 2008. An intrepid attitude is synonymous with this collaboration as most of the work Bergquist will show is from his simple yet brilliant Everyday Project, a series comprised of images Bergquist creates in his off time when he isn’t working for a paycheck. The series is a testament to the importance of tinkering - being able to explore new techniques and styles that may benefit his commercial work but is done off the clock.

In the Everyday Project, Bergquist set out to create an image literally everyday and by setting his own deadline was able to work in an exploratory way without any professional boundaries set by a client. “It's not to say I don't have an idea and it's all happy accidents, but it's more about starting blank and finishing something within a day with no pre-determined path or idea,” says Bergquist. It’s this adventurous attitude that fuels the series and will enrich the already warm atmosphere of Bottlecraft. While there isn’t a theme for the on-going series, Yeller plans on selecting artists they respect both personally and artistically. And considering the quality of their past shows, these will be residencies you won't want to miss.

What Happens in the Dark opens this Saturday, November 19th at Bottlecraft Beer Shop. Enjoy some great beer, farm fresh offerings from MIHO Gastrotruck from 6:30 - 8:30pm, some mellow jams from The Brothers Ralph, and the company of good friends.

Bottlecraft is located at 2161 India Street in Little Italy.

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J Noland : Thank You For Being A Friend

San Diego artist J Noland isn’t messing around.

Known for his eccentricity and propensity to take things to the extreme, Noland’s work embodies a spirit of grandiosity and strangeness unique unto himself. Some may remember him as the fast talking guy smoking in the giant teepee at the Endless Summer exhibition at Habitat House. So it should come as no surprise that starting Thursday, Noland will take it upon himself to watch The Golden Girls series in its entirety while reclining in a La - Z - Boy chair at Helmuth Projects downtown.

The inspiration comes from a quote in a interview with artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres who said, “I don’t want to make art just for people who can read Frederic Jameson sitting upright in a Mackintosh chair. I want to make art for people who watch The Golden Girls and sit in a big brown La-Z-Boy chair.” Noland will do just that while, “investigating the passivity of television, representative forms/functions of friendship, and the ‘average’ against the backdrop of situational comedy and ground-breaking comfort technology.”  Thank You For Being A Friend runs November 17-21st at Helmuth Projects. You can sign up to watch an episode with him here.

Helmuth Projects is located at 920 E Street at the Library Lofts. Opening reception is Thursday Novemeber 17 from 6-10pm.

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Double Trouble : Friday Art Openings

This is the kind of weekend so packed full of great events it makes you wish you could defy the laws of time and space and be in two places at once. In particular, two incredible art openings at Subtext Gallery and Double Break make your Friday like a choose your own adventure book where you win no matter which page you flip to.

Subtext Gallery in Little Italy opens Homeroom, a group show guest curated by Christina Conway. She asked each of the participating artists to take an original artwork from their childhood and recreate it. An art table with drawing supplies will be in the courtyard area where you can design a postcard to take home or to mail to your favorite artist in the show. Gallery doors are open Friday from 6-10pm with Chubby’s food truck serving grub until 8pm.  

Over in Banker’s Hill, Double Break is hosting Double Breaks - a seriously stacked group show featuring the likes of Mark Mulroney and skateboarding legends Neil Blender and Ed Templeton (!!!). Curated by co-owner Louis M. Schmidt and LA-based artist Jay Howell, Double Breaks features a wide range of work from comics to fine art and a whole lot in between. Doors are open from 6-10pm with an after party next door at Tin Can Alehouse with bands hand-picked by artist Sean Stout. Personally, this show kind of gives me the chills.

Both shows run until December 11th, 2011. For gallery hours visit Subtext Gallery and Double Break.


Art in order of appearance: "Wanderer" by Audrey Kawasaki, "Just Booze" by Mark Mulroney.

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