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Photos : St. Vincent & Tune-Yards

St. Vincent and Tune-Yards took a quick jaunt Southwest from the Indio Polo Grounds of Coachella to absolutely blow away a packed crowd at the House of Blues on Wednesday night.  Sezio photographer Dylan Glickman was there to capture the evening. Check out a selection of photos below, and even more in our Facebook album.

All photos by Dylan Glickman. See the full album here.

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MVM : Tune-Yards

People have two general reactions to the music of Merrill Garbus and Tune-Yards; they either don't get it and find it mildly annoying, or they are mesmerized by the complex layers and rhythms and are absolutely obsessed with it.  I fall into the latter category.  I can't stop listening to these three songs below, they are just so damn good and incredibly unique.

I was bummed to miss her performance at Soda Bar last year, so you can count on me being at House of Blues this Wednesday (04.18) where Tune-Yards will co-headline a show with St. Vincent.  You can grab tickets to the All Ages show here, and check out some amazing videos produced by Yours Truly below.

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Sezio Presents : COLLIDE (04.14)

Sezio & LWP Group are teaming up to present COLLIDE, a one-night take over of a newly-renovated 1912 apartment building on 9th & Broadway in San Diego's East Village. Art, music, craft beer and cocktails will fill the hallways and rooms of the five-story Community @ Carnegie building on Saturday, April 14th.

There will be beer bars from Karl Strauss & Stone Brewing, cocktails from El Dorado, and street-side grub from MIHO Gastrotruck. The event will last from 6-10pm and will be open to all ages. There will be a $5 cover charge that will go directly to Sezio, helping us continue to feature San Diego art & music on our website and at our events. We hope you can make it out!

Here's the complete artist roster: Exist 1981, Spenser Little, Charles Bergquist, Michael Delaney, Neko, Walker McCullough, DieKuts, James Noland, Angella d'Avignon, Matthew Bradley, DOUBLE BREAK, Wes Bruce, Morgan Manduley, YELLER, Louis Schmidt, Christina Tsui, Mike Maxwell, Abel Guzman, FEELIT.

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Writer : Family Dinner 7"

The Brothers Ralph of Writer have been settling in out in NYC, getting acquainted with the local venues and prepping for a big spring tour.  A couple days ago they linked up with Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, supporting them on April dates throughout the South and East Coast. They'll be bringing with them a brand new 7" vinyl highlighting their track "Family Dinner" along with some fresh artwork from Charles Bergquist. The record can be purchased through Pretty Awesome Records, with proceeds benefitting San Diego's Autism Tree Project.

Family Dinner 7" Artwork by Charles Bergquist.

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Re-Gallery : The Salton Sea Studies

Adventurers, Wes Bruce and Marcus Price, headed east to the Salton Sea for a few days, taking on the alter egos as they documented their surroundings.  Their findings are on displayed at the Re-Gallery in Solana Beach through May 30th, 2012. We highly recommend you check out this really unique exhibit!

Harriman, Fawcett, & Falcon Present: the Salton Sea Studies: a Visual Representation of an In Depth Exploration. The exhibition will examine the Salton Sea from its rise as a popular recreation destination in the mid-20th century to its decline into a harsh, ecologically devastated landscape. Historical figures Harriman, Fawcett and Falcon – an unlikely trio of disgraced captain of industry, archaeologist and explorer – document their individual experiences at the Salton Sea via installation, illustration, hand drawn maps, case notes of their findings, soil samples, and photography.

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