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The Vision of a Dying World : Last Show

The Vision of a Dying World began with two brothers, both bursting at the seems with creative energy that was smothered by Sin City. Moving out to San Diego with their child hood friend Jeremy Scott, Jackson and Keith Milgaten soon met drummer and artist Jona Tellez-Giron. The four of them rounded out Vision's live band for the next few years, playing countless SD shows and touring the West coast and Southwest.

In the latter half of this past decade, each of the four members started to focus on various side projects -- The Paddle Boat, Jamuel Saxon, Falling Trees to name a few. Jackson would occasionally be lured to play a solo Vision set, but has mostly focused on Cuckoo Chaos the last couple years. What will end up being the band's last full line up show is documented below: Night one of Four Day Weekend in 2010 at Sushi Art.

Tonight, Jackson and Jeremy will close Vision out in style with a stripped down set at Luce Loft in San Diego's East Village. Doors at 7pm, Vision goes on at 8pm, followed by NO from Los Angeles. The show is ALL AGES and $5 bucks.

The Vision of a Dying World - "Mantra / What Is And What Is Not"

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