March 26, 2009
by Sezio

The Donkeys & John Meeks

Luce Loft | 3/26/2009

Night two of Live at Luce Loft was a step into the past, featuring the vintage rock of The Donkeys and the old-time country of John Meeks. Photos by Alex Oat, videos by Petti and words courtesy of Jordan Anne Karnes.

Sometimes, there really is only one place to be. Sometimes, planets align; stars burn more brightly and time is graciously bent by the mighty hand of the cosmos. For San Diego, that night was Thursday, March 26th.

It is only fitting that such an arrangement would coincide, land upon, dovetail—whatehaveyou—on a Thursday. In French, Thursday translates to jeudi, which derives its name from the Roman god, Jupiter (perhaps better known by his Greek equivalent, Zeus). AKA: The King. Optimus Maximus—Father God the Best and Greatest. Naturally, Jupiter is also the namesake to the largest orb in our solar system, and aligned with the rest of those Jovian planets, was clearly at work last Thursday night as The Donkeys & John Meeks took the Luce Loft stage.

Maybe it was the Loft itself, cavernous but cozy, bustling with all sorts of dear old pals and ebullient intimates. Maybe it was Mr. John Meeks and company, whose mellifluous twang enchanted and settled an anticipatory audience—guaranteeing a good night was well on its way. Either way, none could deny the palpable air of (how you say?) joi de vivre—so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The Donkeys did what they do they best—charming hearts, tapping toes, and elevating souls by way of golden rock n’ roll. Jesse played the sitar for a few tunes, a rare treat even the most loyal of fans have probably never seen live. As the night went on and the Karl Strauss tapped-out (unanimously making Miller Light the drink of choice), it was clear that this was an event fit for a King. Or at least a Thursday.

Visit the Photo Gallery below for some lovely images from the evening.

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great film! thanks for hosting. i heard the word 'magical' thrown around about the shows, and i agree. they were unique and wonderful.
stacy made this post on 4/17/2009 at 2:48 pm

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