March 27, 2009
by Sezio

Silent Comedy & Swim Party

Luce Loft | 3/27/2009

Night three of Live at Luce Loft featured the week's most unlikely pairing:
the lo-fi indie rock of Swim Party and the rambunctious cabaret rock of Silent Comedy.  We traded house lights for bright bulbs, as the packed house settled in for the evening.

The men of Silent Comedy showcased their versatility, delivering the most stripped down yet energetic performance of the week.  Their ballads and sing-a-longs were enjoyed by all, but unfortunately not by our house microphone.  Our night's recording cut out immediately after Swim Party's first song... yeah we're pissed too.  Not to worry though, we'll be filming with the Silent Comedy later this month.

View more images from Janalyn Yanover in the Photo Gallery below.

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