News: 7/17/2008  

Take Away Show : Bon Iver

I remember the night my cousin emailed me about the Take Away Shows: the impromptu, one take, music video project of French director Vincent Moon.  I stayed up all night watching Andrew Bird walk the streets of Paris with his violin and Arcade Fire cram into a freight elevator, ripping pages off a magazine for a drum beat.  Bon Iver was one of the more recent posts, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the video below.

This is a six part video series of songs all from Bon Iver's amazing debut album.  In this video he plays "Skinny Love" to a crowd of 20 people in a living room, and how Vincent captures this moment is pure magic.  The camera is constantly behind Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), and focused intently on every face in the room.  Vincent is capturing why we love music, why we go out to shows, why we started this website.  Everyone has had that feeling where they know they are in the midst of something special, in a moment they will remember forever, the music enhances this moment but the community and the people are the key.

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