Acoustic Session: 7/28/2008  

'Porching' it with Peter and the Wolf

Red Hunter, of Peter and the Wolf, stopped through San Diego for a long weekend. Our good friend Kenny caught up with him on a late Sunday evening and filmed an impromptu, acoustic session on his porch. Below are some videos and thoughts on the night...


The porch is a solemn place.

Telling tales of fireflies kept secret by clouds from once open skies.

The porch of all places. Where sun burnt tears fell from freckled faces, and one singer’s song captures more hope in some few lines than I can write on pages upon pages. Straight-backed in black, trapped in thought: don’t r_n_w_y, let’s r_n_w_y. “My head’s so full of trouble sometimes, na na na hey hey hey.”

Mentre che la speranza ha fior del verde.



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