Disposable Project: 8/10/2008  

On Tour with Calico Horse

Most attendees at Calico Horse's CD Release show probably did not notice the blue disposable camera sitting on Emily's keyboard throughout their show. But when they finished their encore and Emily snapped a quick photo of the audience, our initial "Disposable Project" began.  

Our first feature in this series follows Calico Horse on a two week West Coast tour, accompanied by two color and one black and white disposable cameras...

Emily: This photo pretty much explains why I left our release show at The Casbah with a huge smile on my face. It truly proves that, yes, San Diego does have a music scene. This photo is graced with members of Swim Party, Goodbye Blue Monday, The Black Heart Procession, Airport 81, Manuok, and a guy who works at the Trader Joes by my house. It was one of the best shows I've ever played and I was really proud to have had such a great turn out for an all local show.

Emily: We left for Phoenix the day after our release show.  This photo was taken by Tom's girlfriend Sandra. She was super sad to see us (him) go and I think had tears in her eyes. Pretty crazy that I was wearing that jacket and jeans because the drive to Phoenix was the hottest and #1 most uncomfortable drive of the entire tour. It was 100+ degrees and the van we were in had no AC. It was insanity. By the time we got to the venue, we were all wearing dumb shorts, wife beaters, and greasy bangs.



Petti: Tom hanging out. I really cant explain why he's making that face. its probably a general "fuck, im tired" face. He's probably right about to lay down with that sweet dino pillow.  While we were driving, two people would sit up front. in the back, one person layed down on the seat while another person could lay down on a matt on the floor. It was actually really comfortable, a lot of the pictures/footage we took ended up being inside the van. Thats where we spent most of our time. You can see emilys huge bag in the upper left. Typical.

Emily: This very flattering photo of me <insert sarcasm here> is one of the couple times I actually drove on the tour.  The boys usually drove and I usually slept in the back. There's a super hot photo of me sleeping that thankfully isn't in this feature. I can't really remember what the three finger symbol is but I think it has something to do with the female anatomy.

Petti: Positioning for a preconceived Polaroid pic in Portland. We played at a bar that night where everyone had the haircut of a 1970s Rod Stewart, which is coincidentally Tom's worst nightmare.


Emily: Portland was fun but we played the #1 worst show on the tour, in my opinion.  The bar we were in was littered with Rod Stewart hairdos and offensively tight pants.  The men were all wearing more makeup than I was and we pretty much got kicked off the stage early by the sound guy so three other bands who all sound like "Jet" could play.



Petti: Out in portland. This picture makes it look like we're famous, but really emily's friend carina and her friend whitney went on a photo binge. We ended up with a gazillion photos, it gave Tom a chance to try out some of the new poses he's been working on. I remember talking to a girl for a long time about nick cave even though I dont know much about him. The bar happened to have some of his cds in the jukebox so I picked 3 songs like I knew what I was doing. The music was so quiet you couldn't even hear the songs when they came on, which was good because secretly I wasn't sure what they were going to sound like anyway.



Petti: Emily bought us chocolate covered strawberries up in Seattle. She later told me they cost something like $5 bucks each. Well they were fucking amazing. That night we played a bar with a rock/renaissance band where the singer made a delightful fashion faux pas and wore baggy brown corordoys with a silky red hawiian shirt. The image is engraved in my memory. We had a merry time. After the show we slept on the floor at one of matt's friends houses. It smelled like cat pee, but i was tired so i slept.



Petti: Walk walk walk. Exploring Idaho.


Emily: We arrived in Boise early enough to actually walk around and check out the city.  I know I know.  When you think Boise, you don't immediately think, "Cool city."  Truth is, I really liked it there.  The weather was crisp and there was a festival going on in the city center.  There was live music and a bunch of kids and adults dancing around like nobody's business.  It was awesome.  Petti bought a new striped shirt.

Thanks to Petti for the awesome video.  Calico Horse plays Casbah on August 14th.

Check out the Photo Gallery for all of the disposable images...

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this video rules.
Carly Ealey made this post on 9/10/2008 at 9:31 am
Disposable Project...genius
Jennifer McQuade made this post on 9/10/2008 at 5:10 pm
I live on the east coast , and im not sure when or where i got turned on to you - but i just wanted to say hello , and that im really diggin Calico Horse. i cant wait to see you guys live. Best of luck-
Chris made this post on 7/28/2009 at 9:44 pm

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