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PARK(ing) Day : Friday, September 17th

We're teaming up with Holiday Matinee again for 2010's PARK(ing) Day this Friday, September 17th.  We'll be reclaiming our spot in front of Burger Lounge in Little Italy, and crossing our fingers that Officer Raspberry doesn't arrest us.  Tomorrow, parking spaces all over the world will be turned into mini parks, making a unified statement that we need more green, open spaces in our urban areas.

If you missed last year's PARK(ing) Day, here's a recap.  We'll be in front of 1608 India Street from 9am - 6pm tomorrow.  Some of our musician friends will be joining us throughout the day, capping off with a performance by Writer at 5pm.  Swing by and say hi..!

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So stoked to see you guys doing this again. Wish I was there! Watch out for Officer Raspberry!
David BrownDavid Brown made this post on 9/17/2010 at 11:10 am

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