July 17, 2010
by Carly Ealey

Viva La Revolucion

MCASD : Downtown | 7/17/2010

Two of the most electric weeks San Diego has ever seen culminated Saturday night with the opening of Viva La Revolucion at MCASD's downtown location.  Excitement built rapidly with huge crowds gathering to watch iconic figures in street art transform our city.  When Saturday finally arrived, lines wrapped around the block to get a peek inside the museum and to rub elbows with the artists.  JR, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, CALMA were all in attendance.  Our photographer Carly Ealey captured all of the action --

Os Gemeos tagged one of the museum's delivery trucks.

MCASD : Viva La Revolucion

Date Farmers

Stephan Doitschinoff (aka CALMA)

JR's Women Are Hero's photos and trailer.  (



The twins, Os Gemeos.

Os Gemeos + Slinkachu..?


Ryan McGinness

Dr. Lakra

Zack Nielsen of Sezio with Kesley Brookes.

Neko, Mike Maxwell and crew.


Shepard Fairey (aka DJ Diabetic)

A map of all street installations constructed by Wes Bruce.


To see more photos from the opening, visit Carly Ealey's Flickr Set.

To view our coverage of the street installations, click here.

Viva La Revolucion is on view at MCASD until January 2nd, 2011.

Os Gemeos iPhone (edition 1 of 1)

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