February 05, 2010
by Carly Ealey


The Casbah | 2/5/2010

I've been hearing a lot of buzz around town about the band Hyena and not just because I live next door to Capricorn Studios and see the guys, Coop and Strat, on every late night trip to 7-11 for Orangina and animal crackers. These guys are on heavy rotation with local DJ's and better yet, playing live all around San Diego. When you listen to these guys before seeing them live you think A., this is like really good, and B., I bet they are the DJ type performers with their laptops and headphones. As it turns out, THEY ARE REALLY GOOD and they play REAL instruments LIVE..crazy. So what am I getting at? Go see them live at El Dorado April 1st or 2nd for their two night record release party...and dance like the guy in the front did at Casbah last Friday.

#1 Fan with some fancy footwork.

 Cooper on drums / vocals

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