August 08, 2008
by Zack Nielsen

Indelible : Expressions of Ink on Paper

Subtext : Design Bookstore & Gallery | 8/8/2008

Subtext, Design Bookstore & Gallery, played host to around 20 artists in their latest show, Indelible : Expressions of Ink on Paper. This was my first visit, having passed by their unique storefront on Beech St. a few times over the last month, but always after hours. The intricate illustrations and community vibe of the artists and attendees made for a great evening. Pieces by Ken GardunoJosh Kenyon and Paul Drohan were standouts in my opinion, but all in all the show was very strong.

Indelible will be open until August 31st.

Admiring the work of Ken Garduno

Paul Drohan : They Want Me to Go

Eveline Tarunadjaja : While You Were Gone


Ata Bozaci


John Antoski : Living Not Breathing 


For a full preview of the show, click here.


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