Gallery Spotlight: 10/9/2008  

Swiv Tackle Circus

Swiv Tackle Circus claims the "Greatest Gallertique on Earth".  We caught up with Jeff Black of Swiv to find out exactly what that means.

Sezio: What was the motivation behind opening Swiv Tackle Circus?

Jeff Black: Well, I guess I should say that the inspiration for swiv comes from my own life.  I realized a while back that I have a great life and that I should share some of my tactics with the rest of the world.  Being creative and inspiring to be a wise-man so that I can be a better artist is how I live my life.  Looking for knowledge and then using that knowledge to create things in a minimal, non-poisonous, multi-functional fashion that is Swiv.

Try to think of it as a modern day ARC.  Only instead of grabbing all the animals and saving them from a flood I will be inspiring all the creative people to become smarter and more clever to save not only themselves but their communities as well from a jumblized future of erupted banks, fallen corporations and a very confused economy.

I want to start a trend that makes it cool to become a sweet and creative entity, to your surrounding community both in nature and in our economy.   Art and everything that goes along with it, will save the world.  Mark my words.

Swiv Tackle Circus. Giving the world a reason to Swiv! 

Shaney, Jeff and Desiree' 

SZ: Who else is involved?

JB: My lady Shaney Jo Darden, our dear friend Desirée Dawn Kuhn, and all the people who have added their love, talents and support into the heart of Swiv. 

SZ: What was your last opening?

JB: Glue Network's "Give Love Back". 

SZ: What is the scene like in Oceanside?

JB: The O'side Scene is Chillin.  It's got lots of rippers both in the water and out, a strong community "vibe" of all ages and these days probably as many artists as all of those cats put together.  From raw street artists to professional surfers and skaters,  to O.G. small business', it's all here.

Not to mention it's a killer geographic location.  In-between L.A and S.D for work and in-between the Ocean and the Desert for Play.  The only thing that would make it any better would be the weather.  Oh wait.  We have the best weather in the world too.  Hmmmmm. 

before and after

SZ: Tell us about your Organic Garden.

JB: The organic garden is a Community collaboration brought to you by the "Hill Street Coffee House" and the "Swiv Tackle Circus"

It's a Statement.  We want to lead by example by taking charge of the future and becoming a true community.  Everyone around helps out just a little bit with the Garden and it makes everyone smile that comes to check it out.  I think it generally shows the world how much food can be grown between the sidewalk and the street.

Maybe if that kind of thing gets really popular we won't have to get our "Oranges" from china anymore.  Perhaps all the love that went into the garden will even make us healthier when we eat the food it creates.

SZ: What is coming up next?

JB: Coming up next will be:

Oct 12th..The Keep A Breast Foundation opening day!  All day celebration!

Oct 18th..The October "Keep-A-Breast" show.  (A breast cancer benefit organization that works through Art.)*  

* Pictured below and showcasing Sezio Featured Artists Mike Maxwell, Kelli Murray and Pamela Jaeger + more...

Oct 31st.. The Mike Kershner show featuring a live bone installation and costume party.  

Check out Swiv's blog here.

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