News: 11/5/2008  

The Street Art of Slinkachu

I really wanted to post and discuss the awesome hologram of Jessica Yellin on CNN last night, but I couldn't find enough cool info on hologram art to justify it. 

I did, however, find Slinkachu and his Little People Street Art Project.  I wonder if this guy has many friends..

Slinkachu is based out of London and the Little People coffee table book is out now.  Check out his other street art project here.

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I've set up a iGoogle home page with an art of the day gadget that presents me with a new work or art every morning when I sign on. I got a kick out of these Little People street art photos.
Linda JangaardLinda Jangaard made this post on 3/8/2011 at 9:38 am

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