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Sezio's Picks : San Diego Music Awards

Although the line up is pretty much the same as any Citybeat-sponsored event, we have to give credit to the San Diego Music Awards this year for some of their nominations.  Here are our pics to win it all...

Best Rock Album is really a toss up between Irradio and The Donkeys (Although The Donkeys should definitely be in the Americana category).

Best Alternative Album should be Crocodiles.  I was late getting into this album, but was jamming I Wanna Kill all Labor Day weekend.

Obviously we're biased, but Best Americana Album has to be Dust Jacket.  Joel has been a standout in San Diego for far too long with little noteriety.

Shout out for Best Local Recording to Shark Attack and their great collaboration with Demasiado front man Jon Piotrowski (on the title track).

I'm giving the nod for Artist of the Year to Delta Spirit.  From Take Away Shows to major festivals, these guys have made the rounds this year.

As for the popular vote, it will be interesting to see how things shake down... I'm predicting a bar room brawl between John Meeks and Bill Cardinal for Best Country, and multiple trophies for those pesky Milgaten brothers who seem to have their hands into everything these days.

There's still a handful of tickets left, so pick up yours here.

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