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High-Fives : Dylan Jones

High-Fives today come from Dylan Jones from Subtext Gallery and Design Bookstore.  Dylan is dedicated to building a culture in San Diego that truly supports artists by purchasing artwork and collaborating as a creative community.  He loves seeking out good art and design and also loves sharing it, which is evidenced on the awesome Subtext blog.  If you haven't had a chance to make it to Subtext yet, go see the fantastic work of Andrew Holder that's up in until April 26th.

Five most-played records
1. Electric Six, Señor Smoke
2. Kings of Leon, Because of the Times
3. James Brown, In the Jungle Groove
4. Public Enemy, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
5. The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

Five trips you want to take
1. Paris, France
2. Memphis, Tennessee
3. Family Trip to the Grand Canyon (Griswald Style)
4. Belgium
5. Scottland (Islay Territory)

Five resolutions for 2009
1. Be a great dad
2. Be a great husband
3. Be a man, damnit!
4. Do my website
5. Do more sit ups

Five books
1. Into the Wild
2. Def Jam, Inc.
3. Chasing Cool
4. Shadow Divers
5. Choke

Five San Diego restaurants/bars
1. El Camino
2. Ritual Tavern
3. The Toronado
4. Aero Club
5. Whistle Stop

Five things you can't live without
1. My Radio! (shot out to L.L.)
2. Slip on Vans
3. A selection of hats
4. The number four
5. Design

Five compliments you've given recently
1. But it looks good on you. (to a friend)
2. You have a natural eye for great design (to a fellow designer)
3. Beautiful catch, Jackson! (to Vincent Jackson through my tv)
4. Nice one! (to my son when he farts)
5. You look nice today babe. (to my wife)

Five most visited websites
4. ;-)

Five recent purchases
1. Black Adidas Shell Toes
2. Belgian Beer from Whole Foods
3. Kings of Leon poster from Invisible Creature
4. Mona Lisa, Slick Rick 12'' vinyl from M-Theory Records
5. Christmas lights

Five words of wisdom
1. Always
2. strive
3. to
4. be
5. better

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