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Flood Tide: Remixed + Dark, Dark, Dark

It was the summer the gas stations closed. The summer they played music in the old mill. The summer they built a boat. The summer they left.

Flood Tide is a road movie on a river. It tells the story of four musicians who create extraordinary boats out of ordinary junk and set out for open water, fueled by dreams, desperation and a sense of adventure.

The film’s quiet narrative unfolds through fragments of memories, songs, letters and diary entries. Characters played by non-actors from the bands Dark Dark Dark and Fall Harbor chase jobs, dig through the past, and eventually, float out of town in an attempt to escape a life that doesn’t make sense. (Text from

Flood Tide: Remixed comes to MCASD La Jolla this Thursday and Friday, featuring a live score from the band Dark, Dark, Dark, who are also characters in the film. Grab your tickets now for what promises to be an amazing pair of evenings. Enjoy a free Stone Brew when you flash your Sezio Card at the box office.

Dark, Dark, Dark - "Daydreaming"

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