News: 5/24/2010  

Fiesta + Roxy + Tocayo

If you haven't heard yet, Ford Motor Company gave Sezio and Holiday Matinee an unreleased Ford Fiesta for 6 months, with a gas card and a ton of free electronics.  Each month, we're tasked on spending their advertising budget on creative events and on our talented network of friends and artists.

For Mission #3, we've teamed up with Tocayo to create an apparel design for ROXY, based on the Fiesta vibe.  Being so close to Mexico, we choose Baja as our theme and let Tocayo do his thing.

To celebrate this recent collaboration, we're hosting a FIESTA of our own Monday, May 24th at Super El Camino in Little Italy.  From 7-8pm there'll be FREE FOOD and $3 beers and margaritas.  We'll also be screen printing the above design on shirts and tote bags.  If you'd like to partake, bring a crisp $20 dollar bill or you can show up with a shirt from home (preferably light in color).

To get in on the free food and cheap drinks, you need to RSVP here.

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