June 04, 2009
by Adam

Screen Printing at MoPA

Museum of Photographic Arts | 6/4/2009

In Balboa Park, Pop Thursdays at the Museum of Photographic Arts draws a crowd.  Gathering for the newest collection of photos and film selections, the audience was able to enjoy some creative art, a few drinks and the chance to buy some t-shirts, printed live by Sezio.  The screen prints, as produced by Joel P West, attracted numbers of interested purchasers as we produced shirts, tank tops and even baby clothing.  The color and placement of designs was up to the purchaser as not a single shirt was a duplicate of another.  The shirt printing continued through and beyond 10:00 as stragglers continued to order shirts well past the designated end time of the event.

All photos by Carly Ealey - view more here.

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