January 22, 2009
by Laura Shingles

Killa Kicks

Airport Lounge | 1/22/2009

The Killa Kicks party at Airport Lounge showcased the sneaker’s evolution over the past 200 years, from basic Nikes to modern street versions. One table was stacked with relics evoking images of a 1980s SoCal, but the exhibit focused mainly on custom-made, hand painted shoes by local artists Krazy Bear and Sole Junkie. These artists will paint any design onto any shoe, putting Nelly’s “impressive” Air Force 1 collection to shame. Past requests include a pair for an adult film star who wanted to commemorate her body and a teal pair of Vans with Shamu swimming across the toe. The most impressive was a pair featuring President Obama and the everpresent words “Hope” and “Change.” The event also included a fundraiser for Shoes for the Soul, an organization providing shoes for disadvantaged children.

All Photos by Richard Senekeo

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Where cann u get those shoes? im like dying for a pair of those awsum hip hop/ spray painted shoes but i cant find em anywhere. any tips?
Paula made this post on 2/21/2010 at 3:50 pm

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