Band: 11/2/2008  


If you want to know what a band's supposed to look like, go see Demasiado.  Musically, they're professionals - well-rehearsed and hard-hitting, but not afraid to flow with the moment.  The band features the indescribably solid drumming of Damon DeLaPaz (FenixTX), bass lines by Eric Sheffstad (The Classified), guitars by Clayton Tryniszewski , and lyrical messages courtesy of Jon Piotrowski.  On stage and off, the bond between these guys is apparent - none of them are hired guns, this is their band.

My favorite Demasiado show?  It was at The Casbah, of course.  It was in August 2007, and after a long, sweaty set, Jon - who normally sings without any instrument but his voice - grabbed an acoustic guitar, plopped down Indian-style center stage, and had everyone gather round;  some of us hopped up on stage with him.  For those of you who are wondering:  Yes, it was strikingly similar to the last day of summer camp.  It was a moment.  Fittingly, the song was called "The Mean We", and by the end of it, the crowd at The Casbah was chanting in unison, powered only by our own voices and the steady thud of Jon's fist beating the body of his guitar.  After that night, everyone in the room left with greater respect for the band called Demasiado.

Photo by Nikko, Words by Andrew Heine

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