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Yeller Zine Swap : Call For Entries

Yeller is getting together in the Subtext Courtyard again next month and this time, everyone is welcome to attend as both a guest and as an artist.  This gathering is a zine swap and differs from a standard art show in that instead of having priced work, the economy is zine-for-zine.  The basic idea is that you come up with a zine and make several copies to bring to the swap.  For an hour or two, all the zines are on display to browse through and at the end of the night you ask to swap zines with whoever made ones that you liked.  If you didn't bring a zine but want someone else's, you can strike up a deal to trade something else (money is out of the question).  It's a pretty great way to spend an evening with friends and new friends, and one of my favorite parts about the medium is that my favorite zines usually come from people whose name I've never seen on a gallery window.

All you need to make a zine is a Saturday, a photocopy machine, and a stapler, and zines range from serious to funny to abstract, from illustration to poetry to photography to collage to found writing to general randomness, so don't even try and pull the "I'm not an artist" excuse.

You can sign up to bring a zine here.  The deadline is April 2nd and space may be limited.

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