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Structures Poetry Humans : October 25th

As we announced earlier this year, Wes Bruce and various collaborators have been working on a multifaceted project entitled Structures Poetry Humans.  With financial support from the San Diego Foundation and the Lux Art Institute, the culmination of this year long effort will happen on Lux's beautiful Encinitas campus on Thursday, October 25th. 

On a clearing perched above Lux's main gallery, Wes has been constructing a large structure made of pallets which will house the project's findings from it's year long exploration into the poetic connection between structures and human beings.  Guests are invited to explore the structure between the hours of 5pm and 8pm (it is recommended that you bring a flashlight and hiking shoes).

Pre-sale tickets for the evening can be purchased here, and please take time to explore some beautiful imagery on the SPH site, along with an inspired recording below from Jeff Murray and crew from S. Chaparral.  We'll see you on the hill side at Lux Art Institute on Thursday, October 25th!

Also, here's an interview with Wes in this week's Citybeat.

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