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Sezio Memberships Available Online!

If you missed our membership launch party a couple weeks back at Startlite, your wait and anticipation is finally over.  No longer can your room mate dangle his Sezio Membership Card in front of your face, reaping all of the discounts at Casbah and Starlite in the meantime.  The Sezio Membership Kit is now available online, and for you to purchase now!

If this is your first time hearing about our membership program, I'll provide a quick recap.  Our membership program is far beyond a t-shirt, decal and $40 tax deduction, its an invitation into Sezio's family, a call for you to take part in your creative scene beyond just attending events.  Your reward for this challenge is a freshly minted Sezio Membership Card, fit with discounts to an expanding list of your favorite spots in San Diego.

The Casbah - $1 off cover charge.

Starlite - 10% off your entire bill (Sunday through Thursday).

Riviera Supper Club - 10% off your entire bill.

The Linkery - 10% off your entire bill.

El Take It Easy - 50% off your first round of drinks.

Subtext Gallery - 10% off books and art prints.

Also included in the kit is our Membership Crest in the form of a car decal, and a t-shirt designed by Justin Skeesuck.

The shirts are all printed on American Apparel blanks, Sea Foam in their standard 2001 unisex tee and Coral in their ladies cut 2102.

Memberships cost $40, and are fully tax deductible.  If you still have questions, feel free to email us at

Click here to purchase your Sezio Membership Kit.

Welcome to Sezio.

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