News: 5/10/2010  

Sezio Launches Membership Program

Six months in the making, and the week has finally arrived: Sezio is ready to launch its inaugural membership program.  With a goal of giving all of you more involvement and ownership in the content we create and the events we host, this 2010 Membership Kit is far more than a t-shirt, decal and card.  It's an invitation into our family, a challenge to help us continue to push San Diego forward creatively, and to build a larger arts and music community.

For helping us complete this mission, your reward comes in the white Sezio Membership Card you see above.  This card unlocks insider deals at a number of partner locations around San Diego.  Partners who share our goals for this city, and have pledged their financial support to see that they are achieved.  Present your Sezio Membership Card with identification at the following locations:

The Casbah - $1 off cover charge.

Starlite - 10% off your entire bill (Sunday through Thursday).

Riviera Supper Club - 10% off your entire bill.

Subtext Gallery - 10% off books and art prints.

After a couple months, this card should replenish the $50 dollars you spent on the membership.  We'll be adding venues to this list throughout 2010, and introducing a more robust list in 2011.

The Membership Kit, including the t-shirt above, was designed and curated by Justin Skeesuck.  

We're only selling 500 memberships for 2010, with those initial 500 members having priority on 2011's offering.  Your first chance to sign up will be this Wednesday at Starlite during our Membership Launch Party.  2010 Memberships will include a limited edition t-shirt, a Sezio Crest car decal, and a numbered 2010 Membership Card.  Memberships will cost $50 dollars, cash or check is preferred.  Your $50 dollars is a tax deductible donation too!

View more photos of the Membership Kit, and our assembling party on Carly's Flickr page.

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Well done boys & girls. See you on Wednesday
Dylan made this post on 5/10/2010 at 1:14 pm
Jeffrey Lynn JohnstonJeffrey Lynn Johnston made this post on 5/10/2010 at 5:47 pm
hey guys! do you have any memberships left? i couldn't go last night, booo! let me know pleeeez :)
Chelsea HendricksonChelsea Hendrickson made this post on 5/13/2010 at 9:31 am

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