News: 7/7/2008  

Impromptu Art Show : Cafe 976

A late night photo booth session at Ryan's wedding on Saturday, led to a late night art installation on Sunday.  Ryan Dean (aka Spinner Oswald) will rarely open up the walls of Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach to an on the fly Art Show.  Last time we emptied my garage / storage unit, to showcase the work of Brandon Zeller (aka The Green Baron).  This time we emptied my house to showcase the various pieces I have collected over the years from local and Sezio artists.

Sunday, July 13th - Cafe 976 will host a Reception for Sezio

Come out and enjoy live art and music from 6pm - 9pm

Enjoy the following documentation via my iPhone.

A long night of Photobooth sessions... (Spinner Oswald & Zack Nielsen)

Attention to Detail - Photo by Spinner Oswald

Dustin Ortiz

Andrew Heine

Eric Taggart

Javan Van Gronigen

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