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Rob Duarte : Movement

There's something exhilarating about using an object for a purpose outside of its original use. For example, using a high heel for a hammer (it works, dudes), or a pencil eraser for the back of your earring. Girlish metaphors aside, the work of artist Rob Duarte reinvents the way we experience technology by bringing the otherwise silent and unseen mechanical components to life through movement and unintentional sound.

The thrill and even anxiety about art that uses sound in this way is that the outcome is suspended. No one can quite predict the product and that in itself is exciting. Drawing from his background in Computer Science, Duarte transforms hardware and computer machinery typically used in data systems to create a fuller sensory experience as with his recent piece, "Movement" which you can see in a video excerpt above, and the photo below.

On Saturday, March 17th, Duarte is hosting a workshop at Helmuth Projects from 2-4:30pm where you can learn to etch your own circuit board and make a noise instrument while eating snacks and hanging out with similar-minded folks.  $12 covers the cost of the materials you'll be working with and you can take your creation home at the end of the workshop. No experience is necessary and make sure to RSVP by email to Do it quick as the workshop is almost full and this is the type of event that you'll kick yourself for missing.  -- Angella D'avignon

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