News: 10/4/2009  

Morgan Blair's 'Hisssssss Cat' Print

Morgan Blair's sketch books offer endless possibilities for rad screen prints, so picking one was pretty difficult.  After some deliberation about which drawing embodied her refined child-like style, and wouldn't ask too much of our limited screen printing skills, Hissssss Cat was chosen. 

We made 40 prints, each is a slightly different shade of yellow, orange or pink, with a few super special gradient prints slipped into the stack.  Every print is signed and numbered by Morgan, with a special message just for you...

They look great framed in your house or cubicle. 

Or on a T-shirt if you prefer to wear it about town.

You can find the prints for $15 dollars on our online shop.

Shirts can be found at Material (mens) and Mimi & Red (womens) in North Park, San Diego.

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