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Morgan Blair : Pixel Macaulay

Those of you who came to Morgan Blair's opening in San Diego last year, know that she has a fondness for nostalgia, for old VHS tapes, and specifically for the early 90s classic, Home Alone. Recently Dustin Ortiz, our first featured artist and ex-Senior Designer at Nixon, moved to New York. We met up for lunch before he left, and I gave him a Sezio t-shirt Morgan had designed, explaining to him how he needed to meet up with her in NYC. The shirt's neck label contained some background info about Morgan, and an open call for a very specific mural installation.

In case you can't read the fine print, half way down reads:

She is currently looking for a good wall in which to paint a blown up pixelated still of Macaulay Culkin holding a rifle in Home Alone. If you have this wall, feel free to find and contact Morgan at

Within weeks of moving across the country, Dustin contacted Morgan and offered her a 13 by 10 foot wall in his Brooklyn apartment. Five months, twenty colors, and 4,800 pixels later, Morgan completed This Is It, Don't Get Scared Now, titled after the very words Kevin McCallister utters before shooting Harry (Joe Pesci) in the crotch through the doggy door.

The unveiling of this masterpiece will happen this Saturday from 7-9pm. If you're in New York, I highly recommend you see this in person and give Morgan a huge high-five from us! There are a couple detailed shots below (all photos courtesy of William Covintree) and a bunch of progress pics on Morgan's blog.

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god she is so cool.
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