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MVM : Metric

Special Hometown Edition! My friend sent me a video last week of her big music video debut and was instantly stoked on what I saw. The movie is really well made and depicts San Diego perfectly, complete with late night taquitos. I got in touch with one of the filmmakers to find out the video then read more below.

Four San Diego based filmmakers make "Sick Muse" video for Canadian band Metric:

The piece involves following around three girls on an "extra-ordinary" San Diego summer day; it was shot in one day on three Nikon DSLR's. Shot as image sequences (or bursts), the shoot generated over 60,000 images that were edited down to the final cut.

The four filmmakers : Josh Hassin, Franck Deron, Kevin Joelson, and Rebecca Joelson were hoping to collaborate on a project and this one just seemed like the perfect opportunity.

All four filmmakers brought different skills to the project. Hassin has a background in design and direction, Deron and K. Joelson bring their experience in practical film making and editing, and R. Joelson is an accomplished still photographer whose work is now migrating to film and video as well.

Be sure to check out the website they made for the video.

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