News: 2/8/2010  

MVM : Lo-Fi-Fnk

I have been on a movie rental binge for the last week and finished the last one of my batch over the weekend. From the previews, I had a feeling this last dvd was going to be a serious one but until I saw it I had no clue how much it would affect me. The Cove, an Academy Award Nominee, is an incredible eye opening documentary about a hidden cove in Japan with a brutal secret. In this very cove, 23,000 dolphins are slaughtered every year by the fishermen of Taiji. If you have ever watched Flipper as a kid, or have been to Sea World or even like dolphins a little bit, I think this is something you need to see for yourself. I am seriously disturbed after watching it, but it’s just one of those things that needs exposure so that we can stop it. OK I’m going to step off my soap box and let go of my tree embrace to meditate on this new music video now. Lo-Fi-Fnk’s video for “Marchin’ In” just makes sense.

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