News: 8/12/2011  

Leah Goren : Internet Girls

Leah Goren is a designer and illustrator currently attending Parson's School of Design in New York, but summering in San Diego. For the past few months she been busy cranking out hip cat dresses, new pastel textiles, and creating a body of work titled Internet Girls for a solo show at Habitat House. In the artist's own words:

“Internet Girls are the result of the cycling of images and tastes through the Internet among girls. Internet Girls explores the current state of the Internet Girl. Right now, Internet Girls like vintage things, florals, patterns and textiles, pretty pastries/food, cats, the color pink, lace, and natural earth things (geodes, crystals, plants, succulents, feathers, bones, etc). If my show is any good, it will probably look like your dream bedroom. Internet Girls will be at 1008 21st St. San Diego, CA at like 7 pm.”

Tags: Brooklyn, Golden Hill, Illustrator, Habitat House, Solo Show, Leah Goren, Internet Girls, Parsons, Designer

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