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High-Fives : Wes Bruce

Our first batch of High-Fives comes from Wes Bruce, who debuted his intensely thoughtful "Evidence of Searching" project last night at Cream.  The must-see show will be up for a month and photographs of the opening will be posted early next week.

Five most played records
1. holly conlan
2. greg laswell
3. plans
4. joel p
5. sufjan

Five trips you want to take
1. rio de janiero
2. patagonia
3. st. petersburg
4. mexico city
5. the gully below my house

Five resolutions for 2009
1. bake more
2. sleep less
3. read more thoroughly
4. listen more attentively
5. eat things that i find

Five books
1. letters to a young poet
2. old man and the sea
3. equus
4. anything from william carlos williams
5. selected works from william wordsworth

Five San Diego restaurants/bars

1. dumpster behind henrys
2. this sketchy taco place in a warehouse off commercial way
3. los reyes mexican food
4. 5 dollar tasty pizza
5. hamiltons

Five things you can't live without
1. the basement
2. other peoples words
3. personification of objects
4. red schwinn
5. repeat button

Five compliments you've given recently
1. you're a fantastic story teller
2. nice mustache
3. i dig your swim cap
4. your determination and intentionality to insult me, shows great character
5. the way you offered your insight into what you hold dear shows me you are actually processing whats in front of you

Five words of wisdom
1. wisdom comes in winter
2. the world will never lack for wonders, only wonder
3. we dont stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing
4. a man can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated
5. don't be an asshole

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I'll give Wes Bruce a high five...
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