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High-Fives : Mike Maxwell

Another standout artist who is also a standout nice person, Mike Maxwell has been representing our city well up the West Coast and on that other coast as well. Mike's currently working on a new series for his upcoming solo show at The Shooting Gallery (SF), opening later this summer.  Sneak a peak on his Flickr.

Five most played records

1. Smog  Supper
2. Bob Dylan Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
3. Wilco A Ghost is Born
4. Bonnie Prince Billy MAster and Everyone
5. Silent Comedy Self Titled ep

Five trips you want to take

1. Ireland
2. New York
3. Pennsylvania
4. Arkansas
5. Hawaii

Five books
1. Civil Disobedience Henry Thoreau
2. The Modern Fundamentals of Golf Ben Hogan
3. On The Road Jack Kerouac
4. Better Than Sex Hunter S Thompson
5. Hegemony or Survival Noam Chomsky

Five San Diego restaurants/bars

1. Dao Son
2. Pokez
3. Mamma Rosa's
4. The Grinder
5. Tiolis Crazy Burger

Five things you can't live without

1. Oxygen
2. Water
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Gravity

Five most visited websites
4. Supertouch Blog

Five recent purchases
1. OG Padre hat
2. Tub of Gesso
3. Wood 
4. Paint
5. Frame

Five words of wisdom

1. Live Free
2. Be who you want to be
3. Do what you want to do
4. Be Helpful towards one another
5. Show mutual respect

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big fan of this guy...
Zack Nielsen made this post on 5/7/2009 at 10:34 am
ahh Mamas Rosa's, damn good eats.
Jonathan Foster made this post on 5/8/2009 at 10:32 am

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