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High-Fives : Heather Adams

If you don’t know who Heather Adams is, you don’t get out enough.  One of San Diego’s finest scenesmiths, Heather is everywhere you look and one of the women behind the scenes of San Diego House Parties and Front & Ivy productions.  Inspired communities can always be traced back to people who are positive, enthusiastic, and hard-working, and Heather is certainly that for our developing creative circle.  Here are a few secrets behind her community mentality, infectious laugh, and impossible-to-miss afro.


Five most-played records

1. Taking The Long Way Around, The Dixie Chicks

2. The Definitive Collection, Patsy Cline

3. Vespertine, Bjork

4. Exodus, Bob Marley

5. Transatlanticism, Death Cab For Cutie


Five trips you want to take

1. Kasmir, Punjab and Mumbai, India

2. Alaskan Outback

3. Mecca, Saudia Arabia

4. South Africa/Botswana

5. Amsterdam


Five resolutions for 2009

1. Achieve optimal health

2. Make a dress

3. Put on a show at Mt. Helix Nature Theater

4. Move to NYC

5. Improve my balance


Five books

1. The Confederacy of Dunces

2. The Bell Jar

3. The Poisonwood Bible

4. To Kill A Mockingbird

5. The Good Earth


Five San Diego restaurants/bars

1. 1st and Ivy Liquor Store Deli

2. Sushi Fix

3. Sipz Cafe

4. Mona Lisa

5. The Livewire


Five recent purchases

1. A butternut squash

2. Membership with the Marijuana Policy Project

3. The movie 200 Cigarettes

4. Four flower bouquets

5. A cab ride home from a show


Five words of wisdom

1. Travel, sing and dance whenever you get the chance

2. Do not fear change, crave it

3. Find five things to be thankful for in your life every morning, rejoice in them

4. Eat healthy and stay active

5. Regularly question and reaffirm your beliefs


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Her impossible-to-miss afro has provided restricted views at many a Casbah show
Zack Nielsen made this post on 3/21/2009 at 2:40 pm

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