News: 2/11/2010  

All-Star Cast Collabs on The Boat House

In a twist of fate, Sezio was loaned a North Park home for the week.  We proceeded to call some of our friends, to see if they wanted to paint on some walls, drink some beers and hang out until 5am every night.  Luckily, they all said yes and we have a one-of-a-kind show in the works for this Friday, February 12th at The Boat House.

Mike Maxwell, Neko, Exist 1981, Tocayo, Kelli Murray, Brent Sandor, Carly Ealey, Wes Bruce, Sean & Stacy Kelley, Sean Ward and Jane Weibel have all collaborated to paint the once residence of four extremely talented San Diego musicians.

To celebrate the end of The Boat House Era, we'll be hosting an art show / concert this Friday from 6-10pm.  Musical acts include The Paddle Boat, Black Mamba & Dr. Popsicle.  See you at 30th & Monroe.

Photos from Mike & Chadwick @ Creative Casualties.

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