News: 7/13/2012  

Art Opening Run Down : July 13 & 14

This weekend is packed with art openings, some Comic Con related and some not.  Here's a quick run down of shows we're trying to make it out to...

Tonight in the East Village, Space 4 Art and Double Break are collaborating on Do Anything, featuring a group show and zine releases.

Cartoon Network is celebrating 20 years on air by taking over Jett Gallery Saturday, featuring a 75 artist show curated by Mark Murphy.

Subtext Gallery is hosting another Con-related show, featuring Scottish artist Tim Maclean in Fragments & Phantoms.

Morgan Manduley (pictured below) has a new solo show, entitled For Immediate Release opening at disclosed unLocation Saturday night in North Park.

Wire artist Spenser Little is back in town from the Northwest, showing in La Jolla on Saturday night at one of Alexander Salazar's 17 gallery spaces.

"A Curious Feeling" by Morgan Manduley

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