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Art Fist Collective : My Little Art Show

After the City of San Diego approved a proposal to paint over the vintage 40x80 Caliente racetrack mural located on the western wall of the historic California Theater and replace it with a beer advertisement, Enrique Limon of Art Fist Collective immediately took action. With the help of other enthusiasts, Limon gathered the initial 250 signatures to rescind the permit and urge the city to reconsider. Now, the City's Historical Resources Board will conduct a historic report to determine whether or not the mural is historically significant or not.

To further the cause and keeping with the horse racing theme, 25 artists were given a My Little Pony to transform into sculptural and decorative works of art which will be on display and for sale at Art Fist Collective Presents: My Little Art Show Friday, March 23rd at Quality Social from 6-10pm.

All proceeds from art sales will aid the Save Our Heritage Organisation in their efforts to pay for an independent report on the mural.

As curator, Limon has organized the show and personally scoured yard sales, swap meets and online auctions in search of the perfect pony to use as a mold.

"Some of them are rare collectibles, others might have been a buck fifty at Kobey’s," said Limon.  "But thanks to their respective artist’s vision, they will all be one-of-a-kind pieces of art."

To sign the petition, and help save the Caliente Mural, go here.

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