Disposable Project: 1/4/2010  

Tape Deck Mountain : Ghost of California Tour

After releasing their debut album in late November, Tape Deck Mountain took a week-long jaunt up the California coast.  Travis, Jordan, Paul, and a friend/roadie Jon packed in some late night jam sessions, McDoubles, and panicked sprints away from both a giant dog and a herd of wild buffalo.

Jon: Travis's mom packs the super fatty snack packs happy boy movie bag style.

Travis: New labelmates on Lefse Delta Mirror performing at the Silverlake Lounge. We fell in love with the salvation sign and the female bass player.

Jon: Lost in Los Angeles untill we found the bring it down jam spot in Echo Park. Bob Dylan's Dog (Larry) adopted by our host (Joe) was a slobbery and beautiful companion.

Paul: At first he scared me, with his over-sized testicles and rain slobber, but after this massive mastiff showed no signs of rage we all had a good night of jamming and partying at a friend's place.

Travis: To save time on the road I peed in a gatorade bottle. Every second counts when you're in a hurry to make it for sound check. Those 15 minutes could be the difference between sounding like Radiohead or a bad Blink-182 cover band.

Paul: A day in the bay... We were being guided by Jon, who lived in San Francisco for a while. He said there was a cool spot we could see some buffalo so we went to Golden Gate Park. When we got there we couldn't really see any buffalo so we decided to jump over the safety railing to get a better look. As soon as we set foot on the other side of the fence all the buffalo woke up and started charging at us! We picked up some sticks thinking we could fight them off, but Jon told us they would kill us dead so we ran!

Travis: Before our set at Amnesia in San Francisco I tried to get some crowd participation. "Now just wave your hands in the air, Just wave em like you just don't care!" A couple people participated, others smiled or gave us shaka and peace signs.

Jordan: The best sleep I got all tour. I forgot to bring a pillow or a sleeping bag so when we got to our friends house and he had an extra one i just dove in. It was great after a few nights of freezing my ass off. Cup of noodles and beer helped a lot too.

Jordan: After a couple days worth of McDoubles and whatnot, Travis and I decided to try the healthy route and grab a couple bananas. Though it wasn't quite as exiting as Mickey D's I could actually shit at the end of the day! Somewhat.

Travis: Jordan and Paul return home to their loving pets and girlfriends. I have neither ladyfriend nor animal so I end up chillin' with the Ralph brothers as they record the new Writer record. Super excited to be touring with them to SXSW in March.


Tape Deck Mountain plays Soda Bar (SD) January 16th and The Loft @ UCSD w/ Health on January 23rd.  If you missed them in the Bay Area, TDM will return for Noise Pop in February.  View Photo Gallery for more images from their buffalo hunt and late night jam sessions.

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