Disposable Project: 9/7/2009  

Outside Lands 2009

While we were in San Diego, galavanting at Street Scene, Sezio's 17 year old summer intern was sent packing up the coast to document San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival.  Armed with a few disposable cameras, Adam met up with former San Diegan Dustin Shey to divide and conquer.

Dustin: This is Adam. He likes flannel. He also likes Sezio, which trumps flannel.

Dustin: We were so close to Blind Pilot. They sweetly serenaded me through melody, harmonies and instruments I've never even seen. It truly was a first day eye opener to the amount of talent at Outside Lands.

Adam: Here I am with the lead singer of Blind Pilot, Israel Nebeker. To make a long story short – we met his sister. She offered us a picture and a quote. She hooked it up.

Here's Israel's generic remarks about his festival experience: “It has been awesome and unexpected.  It’s everything that we’ve wanted and hoped for.”

Adam: The Dodos were definitely a great kick off to Day 1 of the festival.  With only one guitarist and two percussionists, I was scared of the sound (or lack there-of) that could be produced, but the music lived up to and beyond their recordings as Meric Long jumped around stage, slamming out notes on his acoustic.

Dustin: People, people, and more people. If you take a minute to actually look at this picture and the characters in it, you'll notice what kind of diversity make the trek to Golden Gate Park.

Dustin: And then there's the Carnies or Circus folk. Whatever they're calling them these days.

Adam: Los Campesinos! were full of energy and boy-girl banter.  With their sweet harmony and pump-up guitar riffs, they got the crowd moving despite the mid-day heat.

Adam: Passionate is the only word I can think of to describe The National.  The singer kept doubling in sadness and pain.  I think by the end of the set most everyone had a little tear-build up.

Dustin: Commonly known as the 'festival sleeper,' you see these folks everywhere. This guy slept through Mars Volta though. The whole damn set. Well done, slacker. Have you heard Mars Volta? They're LOUD!

Adam: Deerhunter won the award for best band members of the festival.  The bassist never stopped smoking during the set.  The second guitarist came on stage with a fifth off vodka and the emaciated-looking singer stayed jolly throughout the set, even when his band members disappeared at one point.  He just played an incoherent love song until his band came back out to play.

Adam: Matt and Kim were as fun as everyone promised me they would be.  With Kim continuously stripping down her layers of clothing, this show seemed like a tribute to their music video at Times Square.  I don’t think the audience was too upset about that.

Adam: That’s right. Tenacious D live! The greatest band in the world headlined the final night at Outside Lands. A few people were put off by The D being the Beastie Boys’ replacement, but they put on a hell of a show. This is JB and KG re-enacting “Beezlebum”.

Dustin: This is the last thing I saw on Sunday night as I exited the festival. And damnit, I needed a picture, just for you to believe me. (it was freezing balls, literally)

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